Mai 22

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What do things like cheese, wine, beef and brandy have in common with Mean Girls? They all get better with age.And Mean Girls has « aged » nicely indeed. Initially, the Tina Fey comedy about the imminent brutality of high school cliques experienced only a mellow success, bringing in just around $24 million at the box office on its opening weekend. But since then, Mean Girls has been on a trajectory towards legend status; zooming past the cult-classic threshold and establishing itself as one of most influential and timeless teen movies ever.It did this all without the help of the social media giants that most movie projects today typically rely on to reach the same level of success. Back in 2004 when the movie was released, there was no Twitter or Tumblr, which are undeniably the largest « play spaces » for all things Mean Girls today. It worked its way up to fame the hard way.Cady Heron and the University of Toronto share a lot of commonalities; the main one being that they are both the ‘protagonists’ in their respective realms. Cady was (at one point) the most popular girl in school in the same way that UofT is the most popular post-secondary institution in Toronto.

Understandably, no Ontario university (or any university for that matter) would want to be associated with a character like Karen Smith. But there’s good to her, I promise.Karen is definitely not the smartest cookie in the jar – in fact, she’s a known and proven idiot. And though YorkU is far from stupid, it may still be able to relate to Karen, as it falls victim to the same typecasting as she does; often being labelled as « dumb » or « mediocre ». Brutal (and inaccurate) stereotypes like « If you can hold a fork, you can go to York » are often advocated by other Ontario Universities, similar to how Regina George often exclaims hurtful things about Karen (e.g. « God Karen, you are so stupid »). »Irregardless », Karen still has some good qualities – she’s popular, loyal, and the most modest of the Plastics (I mean, she did apologizetwice for telling everyone about Gretchen’s diarrhea debacle at Barnes & Noble). She’s also bluntly honest, which some people may find admirable (though, I do agree with Gretchen when she says that « you can’t just ask people why they’re white »). In comparison, YorkU students are also friendly, outspoken and loyal. They’re proud of their school regardless of the negative stereotypes in the same way that Karen loves herself no matter what anyone says about her.

Like Cady, UofT didn’t always have it easy and had to work its way up from scratch to reach its current level of fame. UofT started off as one man’s dream to establish an institution of higher learning in a new world, and faced several obstacles before achieving the renowned status it now holds. Such is akin to Cady’s desire at the start of the movie to fit in at her new school and make a name for herself.Cady is well-rounded as a result of her double-life. Being a mathlete validated her intelligence, while hanging out with the Plastics helped her become more versed in the unwritten rules of teenage life. UofT students can relate to this, in that going to a world-class university in the heart of downtown Toronto helps them establish a healthy mix of book and life smarts. Every term, they take on a rollercoaster-like path similar to that which Cady took; one that typically involves a strong start, getting lost somewhere in middle and desperately crawling back to reality in the end.