Juin 13

Ugg à talons

Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, a prominent Vatican figure and one of the more progressive voices in the Catholic Church, died Friday at age 85, the Archdiocese of Milan announced.Martini suffered from Parkinson’s disease and died at his residence in Milan, where he had lived since 2008, when the disease forced him to leave Jerusalem, the archdiocese said.A public viewing was scheduled for Saturday at Milan Cathedral and the funeral for Monday.

Pope Benedict XVI sent his condolences to the archbishop of Milan, Cardinal Angelo Scola, remembering his « beloved brother that served with generosity the Gospels and the Church. »The Vatican secretary of state, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, called Martini « an expert and passionate in the Holy Scripture. »Martini was born in 1927 and entered the Society of Jesus at age 17.He « politely challenged » the pope’s strong condemnation of an Italian government proposal to legalize civil unions for homosexual partners and voiced support for the ordination of women as deacons, Time reported.Italy’s ANSA news agency said Martini was considered one of the more liberal high-ranking representatives of the Catholic Church.

Pope John Paul II appointed him archbishop of Milan in 1979 and proclaimed him cardinal in 1983. In 2002, at the retirement age of 75, Martini moved to Jerusalem to dedicate himself to Biblical studies, according to his official Vatican biography.Martini was known for his progressive position on some of the Church’s most controversial issues, including priestly celibacy, the use of condoms, euthanasia and homosexuality.Even after his retirement, Martini raised « subtle though crucial objections » to the Church’s opposition to all cases of assisted fertility, distribution of condoms to AIDS victims, and so-called right-to-die cases, Time magazine reported in 2007.